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Is Your Church Incorporated?

If you don't know, please find out by asking your pastor or deacons. If your church is not, please follow the steps below:
1) Go to
2) Click "Forms and Fees"
3) Drop down and click on "Nonprofit Corporation Domestic" and print form.

If you have questions, please call our office (803-534-9712).

Trying to Sell the Church?

Contact Robert Grant at 803-260-0188 to answer any questions you may have on legal procedures. 

The Baptist Courier

Send Us Your News!
Do you have news from your church to share with Southern Baptists all across South Carolina? If so, send your news, including any attached photographs, to

Please include in your email the name of a contact person and, if possible, a daytime phone number or email address.

DAZZ Orangeburg
923 Chestnut St. Orangeburg
(located in The Village Center)

We encourage you to help stock our Baby Boutique by donating an item such as:
Diapers (all sizes), Clothes (up to 2T, new), Wipes, Shoes, Socks, Towels, Blankets, Bibs, Toiletries, and Gerber Good Start Formula are needed. Thank you and God Bless

Please contact Sally Zaleski for more details
American Family Association
Your Church and Same Sex Marriage: 3 Things your church can do to protect itself:
1) Adopt a clear statement of faith regarding human sexuality and marriage.
2) Clarify that weddings in your church are Christian worship services.
3) Adopt a policy that clearly restricts the use of ministry facilities to the ministry's religious purposes.

If your church has Southern Mutual Church Insurance, they are pleased to announce the introduction of our Emotional Injury Liability Coverage for Discriminatory Practices, which will be applied to all SMP policies at a $50,000 limit at no charge.

Policyholder Alert!
Many churches have asked, "What steps can we take to protect our church property?"
    * Install quality locks, such as dead-bolts.
    * Make sure premises has adequate lighting.
    * Keep bushes and hedges trimmed around buildings.
    * Install a monitored alarm system (premium discounts availalbe with Southern Mutual Church Insurance Co.)
    * Cage your HVAC units or connect to an alarm system.
    * Create watch teams. Encourage members to drive by the church when in the area.
    * Ask local police to patrol your church.
    * Seek out ideas from your church property committee and members.
GuideStone Resources
GuideStone has made available an important resource, Helping Religious Employers Prepare for Confrontation After Obergefell v/ Hodges. This and other helpful resources can be found at
Policy Holder Alert!

If you have exposed water pipes in the ceiling or crawl space, we are requesting that you insulate or wrap them as soon as possible. Always maintain a minimum temperature of 60 degrees in all buildings when not is use. We are requesting that you identify one person to be specifically responsible for making sure the heat is set to a minimum of 60 degrees during times of subfreezing temperatures.

This alert is just another way Southern Mutual Church Insurance is providing you with savings, service, and security.

Dalton's House for Veterans
A home for Veterans, and also a place for Non-Veterans in a separate home. This is a non-profit organization that operates on grants and donations.
We welcome disabled and senior citizen Veterans into our facilities. Programs provided are: recreation, social interaction, cultural activities, personal nutrition, job training and placement, and health screenings.

For additional information, please contact us at
167 Benthomp Road, Orangeburg SC 29115
(803) 997-2560 / Email:
Did you know?
Southern Mutual Church Insurance pledges to be there for policyholders in their time of need whether they are recovering from a fire or expanding to meet a growing congregation's need.

That is why they are happy to offer mortgage loans up to $300,000 for expansion, renovation, or remodeling. Competitive rates and can have a check in your hands in less than six weeks.

Call 800.922.5332 and talk with Donna Baughman in their Mortgage Loan Dept. to learn more.
Monthly Newsletter

Hard copies of The Link are being USPS mailed to each of our churches. Please contact your church office.

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DJJ Needs
A list of items needed for the juveniles at DJJ. You can make arrangements with Annette Mack for drop off (803-896-1232)
Dove Soap / Socks (girls) / Panties (7--10) new garments, please / Sports Bras (all sizes) new garment, please / Hair products for all Ethniciity / Journals /Combs & Brushes / Lip balm / Deodorant (Women) / Lotion / Body wash / Maxi Pad with Wings / Tampons / Stamps / Stamped envelopes
Hebron Colony Ministries, Inc.

The purpose of Hebron Colony Ministries, Inc. is to reclaim lives ruined by alcohol and drug abuse through the preaching, teaching, and studying of God's redemptive work through Jesus Christ as revealed to us in the Bible.

2 Locations!
356 Old Turnpike, Boone NC, 28607 (828-963-4842)
PO Box 407, Santee SC, 29142 (803-854-9809)

Addictions? We can help!
* Cornerstone Community offers Celebrate Recovery every Monday at 6:00 PM.
South Africa Mission
Bowman First Baptist is collecting glasses (readers) to send to South Africa. If you are able to donate, please contact Buddy Bizzle (803-603-2781).
Protect Yourself #stopscams
*Do not assume the name and number on your caller ID are legitimate. Caller IDs can be spoofed.
* Never share your personal information, including date of birth, Social Security number, or banking account information.
* Never wire money to someone you don't know.
* Do not click link or call numbers in unexpected emails or texts- especially those asking for your account information.
* Most utility companies will NOT require their customers to purchase prepaid debit cards or money orders to avoid an immediate disconnection.
* If you receive a call that sounds like it may be a scam, or if you believe the call is a scam, HANG UP, call the police and report the incident.
Beware of IRS Impersonators
According to the agency's website, the IRS will never:
* Call you about taxes without first mailing a notice.
* Demand that you pay without giving you the chance to question or appeal.
* Require a certain payment method, such as a prepaid debit card.
* Ask for a credit or debit card numbers over the phone.
* Threaten to bring in law enforcement to have you arrested.
If you're unsure whether you owe taxes, call the agency at 800-829-1040. If you have no reason to believe you owe taxes, report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 800-366-4484 or
What's Happening???

We would like to know what's happening at your Church. Call the OCBA office at 803-534-9712 or email us your church news!

We like to publish our newsletter by the 1st of each month.

Please email article requests to:
by the 20th of each month.
Thank you! 

Free Housing!
Do you have guest speakers coming for revival, homecoming, or a conference? Instead of giving them directions to the nearest motel, why not consider a guest home? Located on Hwy. 178 between Orangeburg and Bowman, the owners have designated this beautiful four bedroom home as free housing for use by any of the churches in our association! 
For more details, please contact Carolyn Boland at 803-829-2547.
Can You Help?

There are times when the only clothing a child that comes to DJJ has is the outfit they have on. If you would like to help, donated clothing may be brought to the association office for collection. Tax deduction statements are available if desired. Thanks so much for your support! 
Also needed: Black socks & duffel bags for the boys. When released, they need something to hold their belongings.  
Please contact April Fogle with questions at 682-2873

New Start Incentive Plan
SBC has made some changes to the New Start Incentive Plan that you need to be aware of. WMU will now give new starts a 50% discount on basic materials that organizations need. This includes the magazines, Plan Books for coed organizations and leader resources. Email Donna Britt with any questions as well (
Medically Trained Personnel
Does your church have a list available that the congregation knows the names/contact numbers of members that are trained medical personnel, ie., nurses, doctors, EMT and other medically trained personnel? If you do, that is great news!! If not, you may want to consider putting together a list so that if an emergency comes up during any service on church grounds, trained people can respond quickly.
Needing a place for old literature?
Seafarers Ministry provides reading materials, transportation, material needs, Bibles/tracts, and spiritual support to seafarers who pass through the terminals on the Cooper River each year. If your church has any literature they would like to share, please conatct Christopher Dale at 843-554-6695. For more information about this ministry, please go to
Please welcome Rev. John Sharpe and his wife, Barbara, to Beaver Creek Baptist!

Please welcome Rev. George Moore to Edisto Baptit Church!
Resources for Churches/Bylaws

For more resources, please visit our "Website Links" tab 

Several recommendations by SCBC are as follows:
1. Make sure there is reference to the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. 
2. Add a statement in your personnel policy that affirms biblical marriage while preventing pastors and staff from taking part in any wedding ceremony that involves a gay, transgender or lesbian couple. 
3. Add a statement that limits use of facilities to members only.
4. Add a statement that limits use of facilities to only those events, gatherings and services that support the doctrinal stance of your church.
5. Stop charging for the use of facilities...especially to non-members.
6. Institute a new members class that explains all of the above prior to being presented for membership.
    --Steve Rohrlack (


Messengers to the Semi-Annual Meetings of the Orangeburg-Calhoun Baptist Association shall be:

1. The pastor or interim pastor of a member church.
2. For the first $500 or fraction thereof in undesignated offering given to the association, each church will receive three messengers (pastor plus two members).
3. One additional messenger elected by the church for every additional $500 in undesignated offering given to the association after the first $500 in undesignated offering.
4. The minimum number of messengers per church shall be three messengers (pastor plus two members).
5. The maximum number of messengers per church shall be eleven messenger (pastor plus ten messengers).
6. The Credentials/Church Relations Director will resolve any conflict concerning the seating of messengers.

Background Checks
SCBC is recommending criminal background checks through (1-800-319-5581) Our rep is Ryan Carter.
Be prepared to answer 2 questions: 
What is the size of your church?
What state?

Another option is to go to SLED website ( and click on the criminal records check on the left side. It will take you to the a form that must be read and agreed on. Then you can print the "charitable organizations" form. Please note that SLED CATCH is a name-based search only. Fingerprint-based searches are the most reliable method and the least likely to result in a false positive or false negative result. 

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary recognizes that many men & women serve as lay leaders, Sunday school teachers, small group leaders and more throughout our churches and our denomination. We have a groupd list of FREE online courses that are available to anyone who desires to grow in his/her knowledge of God and His word. These offerings are not for academic credit but are immensely helpful in preparation for service to the church.
For more information, visit SEBTS.EDU/CHURCHES


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